The Gut Café

from my kitchen to yours… 

Come (via Zoom) & find out more about fabulous foods that can really help to bring out the best in you! 

The ‘hows and whys’ to begin with followed by practical recipe-building ideas two weeks later. Each event also links outdoors to a British food producer, doing their best to nurture biodiversity and happy to deliver their wonderful produce to your door! All the information & recipes, follow in the post to you.

Bring your own coffee, sit back and let me share some practical & helpful tips – seasonal and British-grown!


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“Very professional, informing and inspiring; worth every penny…
and a Mum too!”

Sally, Wendover, Bucks

Upcoming Events 

The Original Gut Café

For those who are keen to understand more about Gut Health; the first week is all about how and why we can all eat to nurture our all-important gut bacteria then, two weeks later, easy & practical ways of using all the foods mentioned.

From helping our mood to reducing bowel inflammation, protecting against allergy, ensuring we have a strong immune system, and promoting our longer-term health, our gut bacteria are to be celebrated!

Check out this taster from our most recent Gut Café!

Coming soon

Teen Mood Food!

As a parent of two teens myself, come and discover how we can help ease this complex time into adulthood, with food to satisfy the energy-zapping and nutrient demands of growth and development, while keeping moods as steady and happy as possible.
We also touch on key nutrients to be aware of when following a more plant-based diet.

Eating to ease Menopause

Busy looking after your family with little time for yourself while coping with interrupted sleep and less than steady emotions?
I’m here to help!
There’s so much we can do with
what we eat and drink to help us feel more like ourselves again! Join me to find out more.

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Older and wiser?

We’re all living longer lives; let’s make sure they’re healthy ones!
Beyond 65 years, how can we eat to maintain muscle & bone strength, avoid nutrient deficiencies like iron and Vitamin B12, build immunity and reduce the effects of ageing? Join me to find out about fabulous foods which address these issues and how to make them work for you.

You can either call or email me and I’ll be happy to help!

07966 298 899

07966 298 899

inform | inspire

 07966 298 899

inform | inspire

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Keen to learn simple ways to use food to build natural resistance? Use my free simple steps to improve your gut health and more with links to British farmers and other sources!