Bursting with Vitamins C, A & E, Antioxidants, Omega oils & more – a zingy start to the day!



Ready in

10 min

Good for

Breakfast extra!


About this Recipe

As a Nutritionist I’m lucky to work with some innovative British food producers. On their family farm in Essex, David and son, Ben Eagle have been farming seabuckthorn for 5 years. It’s taken this long for them to work out which varieties grow best in our British climate and it’s required a huge amount of patience! But, they believe in their crop which is renowned for its health benefits in over 40 countries with similarly cool, coastal environments. More on its nutrition below but the zingy flavour of these berries is fabulous for breakfast! Read more about their benefits here.


  • 80g British Seabuckthorn berries
  • ripe pear (or 3 tinned pear halves) or 1 large apple (skin on)
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 1 tbsp skimmed milk powder
  • 2 heaped tbsp British Oats
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp orange juice/ apple juice
  • 100ml Milk or Oat milk
  • Water as needed


20g Walnuts

1/2 “ ginger root

1/2 Banana


Makes 2 x 150 ml smoothies!



Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Cut the carrots into chunks (unpeeled) and core the apple or pear (unpeeled).

Step 2

Blitz all the ingredients together until smooth, adding a little water to help it blend. 

Step 3

Adjust the consistency and taste with water/ juice or milk of your choice. NB: Adding juice instead of water will also add sugar! Milk gives a nice creamy flavour; it’s just personal preference. 

Enjoy straight away to benefit from the most nutrients (Vitamin C quickly denatures) and vibrant colour!



Tinned pears make a great substitution here before our British pears come into season. Adding banana adds lovely sweetness for children.

Tips for great smoothies:

Smoothies can be a great way of getting more veg and fruit in the diet and therefore benefiting from more fibre and all the antioxidants too. Using plenty of delicious veg options prevents them being very high in natural sugars from too much fruit. 


British Seabuckthorn is packed with over 190 nutrients! It’s especially rich in Vitamins C and A which support a strong immune system, Vitamin E and Omega oils for skin & hair condition, Plant sterols to help maintain good cholesterol levels, and antioxidants and Omega 3 with fabulous anti-inflammatory properties.

Support British Food Producers! 

British Seabuckthorn is farmed organically in Essex where the Eagle family nurture biodiversity and berries are frozen just hours after harvesting.


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