The quality of our food has a huge impact on our health. Thank you for trusting in me to provide you with nutrition advice – it’s super to have you on board and I hope the following is helpful –
Proper nutrition allows the cells that make up our body systems and all the processes that need to happen for our every-day complex biology, to work as well as they can. This drives our health to be the best version it can be (+our genes +our lifestyle choices) Real, unprocessed food provides an abundance of these nutrients – truly functional food to protect our long term health!

‘REAL’ food is as close to its natural and original state as possible and farmed using systems which benefit nature, creating healthy soils, increasing biodiversity and carbon capture – this is Regenerative Farming and it’s win win!  

It’s also easier for our body to absorb nutrients from their ‘whole’ food. Two great examples are:
1. Protein in dairy makes its calcium much easier to absorb. This is why we can absorb calcium better from dairy than any other food source. You can read more about the fabulous benefits of Dairy here

2. Flour – if the grain is left whole and then stoneground, it still contains valuable Omega oils, B Vits for our energy, Calcium, & Iron and valuable fibre for our gut health. A slowly fermented sourdough loaf enables these valuable nutrients to be more easily abosrbed by our body. Compare this to highly processed white flour, all the goodness is removed; just the white starch is left.. and then synthetic nutrients are added back in!

Processed food on the other hand has been altered to extend shelf life and change taste – even to the point of becoming addictive. These foods are often cheaper (as they can be produced in bulk and survive the lengthy journey via factory to supermarkets) but they are seriously altering our health for the worse – they’re part of an ‘inflammatory diet’ which is at the root of many of the chronic diseases of our time – Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Overweight and some types of Cancer for example.
I’m also super-excited to share our Gut Project with you, our fabuluos Gut Health Course in which we  focus on digestive issues, weight control and inflammation as well as the importance of rest and de-stressing to protect our long term health. I’ll send you an email when the next one is available to book in the New Year.

Meanwhile, I’m keen to share with you the joy that is homemade pastry! It’s simple and quick when you follow these steps – and a great way to use REAL wholesome fibre-rich flour as well as some plain white, for that all important gut health! Have a go!

Make perfect wholesome pastry!

125g Wholemeal or stoneground flour

100g Plain white flour

100g butter – fridge cold, cubed

50ml ice cold water + more to add

Good pinch of Malden seasalt flakes

In a large bowl, rub the cold butter cubes into the flour mixture with your fingertips until you have a crumbly mix. Add the salt. Add the water and stir with a round bladed knife until it starts to come together as a dough – you may need a little more water depending on your flour. Wrap the ball of dough in a beeswax wrap and leave to settle in the fridge for half hour or until you need it.

Remove from the fridge half an hour before you’re ready to roll it out to fit a 25 cm loose bottom flan case (or a 8″ loose bottom cake tin for a deeper pastry case)

For neat edges, just fold in any pastry that’s hanging over the tin edges and press against the edge.

Prick with a fork a few times then freeze until ready to cook. Cover with a sheet of baking paper and fill with baking beans. Cook @170 fan for 12 mins, remove beans, brush with egg wash and cook for a further 12 mins. All done!

Use for a family quiche with any filling you like or a lemon tart… 

Key stages in this process are the fridge cold butter and water, and baking beans to stop the pastry rising as it bakes. Enjoy!

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