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Health Rewilded Retreat  

Health Rewilded,  by the wonderful Dr Sally Bell (21 years of experience as a medical doctor and is a GP with a speciality in lifestyle medicine), is a beautiful three-day guided escape that incorporates the wonder of real food, our connection to ourselves and nature, so our biology can thrive for our best health.

Check out the next treaty staycation at Hampton Manor in Feb with garden to plate food and so much more! I’ll be there with a ‘Ferment and Flourish’ session too:)


Lucy Williamson Nutrition family baking

Simple Probiotic Ferment Recipe!


Look at this beautiful ferment, we’re so lucky to have Katy as our wonderful chef on the Gut project and this is an adaptation of one of her recipes.

Fermenting is a process where helpful bacteria and yeasts consume the naturally present sugars in foods (like vegetables, fruit and milk), and convert them to organic acids and carbon dioxide.

Fermented foods foods are rich in natural probiotics which provide good bacteria to add to our existing ones. They also contain the products of fermentation which have many benefits to our health.

Lucy Williamson Nutrition family baking

To make the ferment:

1 x 1 L glass jar

1kg vegetables (use what you have in the house or seasonal veg) eg 1 red cabbage + 2 carrots + small onion

1. Sterilise jar in oven

2. Thinly slice all the veg

3. In a large bowl work 2 tbsps salt into the veg with your hands until the natural water starts to come out and the veg softens

(about 10-15 mins)

4. Press this firmly into your glass jar a little at a time so that the water is squeezed out each time.

5. Add extras that you have like rosemary and a couple of garlic cloves – I popped in some dried Seabuckthorn berries but juniper berries are also nice

6. Once the jar is full make sure all the veg are immersed under water by pressing down with the stalk of the cabbage (trimmed to size!) then close the lid

Leave 1-4 weeks and enjoy!

Wishing you a 2022 full of Gut Health!

Life thrives on real nutrients from real food. Balanced, sustainable food choices from healthy soils promote our long term health, and our microbes too! Please get in touch to find out how we can work together.

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