June Update

It’s Strawberry season!

Why are they red?!

Thanks to their bioactives – plant chemicals which have fabulous health-giving properties like nurturing our gut bacteria, and helping to reduce inflammation.

They’re also :

  • packed with Vitamin C for an immunity boost
  • a source of fibre as part of your 30 different types/ week!
  • a source of folate – always good to know during pregnancy
  • at their cheapest and tastiest right now
  • eating with the seasons ensures more goodness is locked in and fewer road miles too.

Latest Gut Health Research

Good to know coffee drinkers tend to have higher microbiome diversity, which could be linked to the fact that coffee is a rich source of polyphenols aka microbe rocket fuel!

Coffee also contains antimicrobial molecules that can help reduce the presence of harmful microbes, making room for ‘good’ bacteria and helping them flourish!

A recently published paper showed that dark chocolate is also beneficial for your gut, providing around 10g of fiber per 100g gram bar and packing in as many polyphenols as some so-called superfoods like açai and blueberries!

👉🏼 Not-naughty chocolate fridge cake!

‘Not naughty?’ I hear you ask…

Click on the link for the recipe for one of my favourite treats, packed with British Dairy to give immune boosting Vit A and E within its fats, healthy heart-loving fats and calcium in a form that we can absorb better than any other food type. With Oats and dates for added fibre and to reduce sugar without compromising the taste or texture! Team this up with a glass of cold British milk and seasonal strawbs and you’re onto an elite treat! 😋.

Good to know – Guernsey/ Jersey cow milk is golden thanks to high levels of beta-Carotene, which is converted into Vitamin A. These breeds also have mainly type A2 protein which is much easier for some to digest.

Recent but limited randomised control trials suggest that in some individuals, A1 milk causes symptoms of digestive discomfort which can potentially be confused with a lactose intolerance.

👉🏼 Producer focus…

Lucy Williamson Nutrition spiral Check out Produce and Provide online directory to find a farm near you for your milk, chesse, or if your lucky, ice cream!

Lucy Williamson Nutrition spiral Near Bucks? Take the family to Laceys Family Farm for Guernsey milk and other local produce from their farm shop and butchers

Lucy Williamson Nutrition spiral Near Worcs? Try Gorsehill Abbey Farm for Jersey cow ice cream made on the farm!!

Food Feed

The lastest from the Food Feed

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Winter red cabbage and apple

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Your October update: Rewilding your Gut!

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Dr Lucy Williamson Msc

Life thrives on real nutrients from real food. Balanced, sustainable food choices from healthy soils promote our long term health, and our microbes too! Please get in touch to find out how we can work together.

The Gift of Re-wilding Gut Health!

We can literally Re-wild our Gut Health for our optimum health! Take a listen - feed your wellbeing naturally and journey to a new you or perhaps you might want to treat a loved one...

Thank you for coming on board with me in reconnecting your health back to REAL food!

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