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 Your Sessions with Lucy

Here are your 6 course session recordings. (You may also wish to download them for future use).

An introduction to Gut Health – what is it and why is it so important?

 We talk about the role of our microbiome in immunity, how our microbes regulate inflammation and the problem of stress

A focus on fabulous fibre from plant-based eating. The gut microbiome and weight control, with further detail on ultraprocessed foods & hidden sugar.

Clarity on dietary fats with a focus on fish and dairy, within a plant-based diet. The gut microbiome and metabolic health.

Why Sleep and Rest are so vital for our gut health and the links with mood and digestive disorders. An extra focus on Perimenopause.

Soil to Gut! How to optimise sustainable food choices and some of the principles of regenerative farming systems. 



Here are all your extra resources from The Gut Project to enjoy alongside the Course sessions above……

Session 1 – Introduction to Gut Health & Whole Health

A handy list of suggested extra ingredients to keep as staples

Lucy meets Katy at her family farm; we chat about the importance of knowing where our food comes from.

Session 2 – Stress, Inflammation, Fermented Foods & Probiotics

Live recipe demonstration: Learn how to make fabulous fermented foods with Katy
Lucy meets Dr Sally Bell who talks us through the role of nature in our health (and ours in nature) and the impact of stress in our lives

Session 3 – Fibre, Gut Health & Weight Control

Live recipe demonstration: Learn how to make a fabulous seasonal risotto with Katy
Lucy chats with Josiah, one of the founders at Hodmedods to learn about regenerative farming and Britain’s fibre-rich grains, pulses, beans and peas!

Session 4 – Gut health & metabolic health; dietary fats & fibre

Lucy chats with Svetlana aka ‘The Cheese Lady’ about the health benefits of wonderful cheese 

Session 5 – Sleep, Digestion & Mood: The Gut Health Story 

Having retrained his own breathing after a brain injury in 2013 forced David to retire from professional rugby, he is passionate about helping others change the way they breathe with far reaching consequences for health and wellbeing.

Session 6 – Gut health, sustainable food and farming

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Lucy meets Jonathan Chapman, Native Beef. Sitting among the clover-rich pastures discussing the benefits to health, nature and cows of pasture-fed farming ‘in the image of nature’




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“Your microbes are unique to you. They’re affected by our food & lifestyle and promote a long, healthy life. This is Gut Health!”

Sharing the science…

 Core Concepts of The Gut Project

Food & ferment

Our microbes thrive on a variety of fibre-rich, nutrient-dense food. Seasonal & colourful means nutrient-packed & naturally prebiotic! Fermented, probiotic, foods provide valuable microbes & postbiotics, while research now shows unprocessed fish, dairy and meat all have their place in Gut-Healthy, plant-based eating too.
Lucy Williamson Nutrition individual session

rest & SLEEP

Stress and reduced sleep have a profound impact on our microbiome (our community of gut bacteria) and therefore our health and wellbeing. Inflammatory, hormonal and depressive disorders are all linked with our microbes and their role on our Gut-Brain axis. It’s a complex but vitally important concept for our best health, mood and emotions.


Our microbes reconnect our health with nature via our gut – this is where our biology and bacteria meet! Healthy soils as well as time spent up close with the land all positively impact our gut health; no nonsense – it’s evidence-based! Understanding how food from ‘nature-positive’ farming benefits our gut health via changes in its nutrient-density/ composition is a helpful addition to the course.

Lucy Williamson Nutrition individual session

on the move

Regular movement increases our gut microbe diversity; a key aim in nurturing our microbiome. 30 minutes of increased heart rate daily, dance if you like, is all it takes. Food, rest, nature… and keeping on the move, simple steps to sustainable health.

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