Our Gut: where our health and nature meet… grab your coffee this Saturday @10.30 and join me from my kitchen! 


Our inner garden of bacteria helping us to get the most from our food to live a long, healthy life. This is Gut Health.

As a nutritionist, a scientist and one who thrives within nature, this new approach to our health and wellbeing, backed by a growing body of research, makes so much sense to me. It reconnects our health with nutrient-rich food and our biology with nature. After all, these bacteria were on the earth long before we were – we’ve evolved with them so it’s no wonder they’re here to help!


Nurturing our inner garden of microbes is easy to do!

As well as every-day, unprocessed food, our gut bacteria thrive on a period of fasting we know as sleep, keeping active and living closer to nature. These simple pleasures, that many of us have come to value even more over the last year, also help to destress; another win-win for happy microbes. So, a particular joy of gut health now, is that we can help it thrive if we continue to make these healthier lifestyle choices long after lockdown.

Join me tomorrow to find out more!


I’m passionate in guiding practical, balanced and sustainable food choices, to inspire best health. 

Previously a Vet, as a Registered Nutritionist (MSc) I provide nutrition advice to British food producers to improve health communications. I also love to share nutrition knowledge as tailored support for individuals and families,  through my unique events, as a visiting University lecturer and in schools too…

Please do get in touch – now more than ever I’m here to help!


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 07966 298 899


inform | inspire

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