We hope you have a wonderful Christmas – a few tips from us below and a festive recipe to help your health thive amid these busy, cold days!


  • A strong immune system – enjoy fish to boost your Vitamin D and look after your gut health with colourful plants!
  • Cheese! Enjoy goat, sheep and organic cow cheese little and often – healthy fats and some natural probiotics too.
  • A treaty drink? Try a glass of sparkling fermented tea – Kombucha – a nice change from prosecco occasionally…

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Some fabulous recent research to show why it is impotant to focus on your diet for sleep and stress this Christmas. Professor John Cryan shows how dietary changes can improve mental health… and the results are remarkable!

Within just 1 month following a psychobiotic diet people experienced significant improvements to sleep quality, stress response and mood.

Click here to read the study, published in Nature or click the link to the left to listen to Prof John discuss his findings on the ZOE podcast


Tangy Bacon Sprouts with Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a must-try recipe for the festive season! 

💚 Just 100g boiled sprouts contains your daily amount of vitamin C 

💚 Sprouts are high in folic acid which is great for pregnancy and to help protect mental function into older age

💚 Lots of gut healthy fibre too to keep your gut microbes happy this Christmas!

To find this delicious recipe, head to Willy’s ACV website…..



THE CHEESE LADY our favourite specialist cheese shop near Edinburgh! 

Good to know: wonderful science is now showing us that Dairy foods like cheese and yogurt actually protect heart health thanks to their unique fats – lots more on this in 2023! And no doubt due to their beneficial microbes too (but that’s just my hunch!)

So it’s been another busy but hugely rewarding year. With Georgie helping me behind the scenes, collaborations with other health professionals and a growing number of our farmers turning towards more nature-friendly food production, together we’re helping health to thrive!

Remember you can always book a FREE drop in call with me if you’d like to find out more about how I can help you – it’s what I love to do.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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Dr Lucy Williamson Msc

Life thrives on real nutrients from real food. Balanced, sustainable food choices from healthy soils promote our long term health, and our microbes too! Please get in touch to find out how we can work together.

Orange, Apricot & Spelt melt in the mouth Muffins!

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