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Top tips for foods to build natural resistance…

Current research is now showing the importance of our gut bacteria for our overall health and wellbeing. Adjusting your diet to promote good gut bacteria helps to optimise your immune system, 80% of which is in our gut wall. Happily our ‘microbiome’ also regulates cholesterol levels while boosting your ‘happiness hormone’, serotonin, and helps to protect against many chronic diseases. We can all change our gut bacteria for the better in a few simple steps – read more about this and other great foods to build natural resistance!

Try this delicious watercress and pear smoothie – the watercress company have just started delivering biodegradable bunches of freshly picked watercress!

 Watercress Smoothie Makes 2 smoothies

100g Watercress

4 tinned pear halves with a little of the juice

50 – 60g frozen peas

20g walnuts or another favourite

1/8th cucumber  skin on if you have, but you can leave this out or try a substitution like celery…

1 tbsp dates to sweeten or use some honey

Some milk of your choice or Kefir if you have. Oat milk gives a lovely sweetness. Go easy on the amount so you don’t dilute the flavour!


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Dr Lucy Williamson DVM Msc ANutr


I’m a Registered Nutritionist working to inform and inspire better health for all, through good, sustainable, British food choices. I’m here to help! Please get in touch:

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The Gift of Re-wilding Gut Health!

We can literally Re-wild our Gut Health for our optimum health! Take a listen - feed your wellbeing naturally and journey to a new you or perhaps you might want to treat a loved one...

Thank you for coming on board with me in reconnecting your health back to REAL food!

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