Tis the season to be busy in the kitchen!

Looking after no. 1 as we head towards Christmas takes more than healthy food – this month I’ve been learning more about the power of our breathing to calm stress levels – please try the simple exercise below and feel the difference it can make! And if you’re in need of gift inspiration, I’ve put together some wonderful festive offers  for you too…



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Box Breathing Exercise, mouth closed using your abdomen to in & exhale:  

1: Breathe in for four counts,  traveling up one side of the square.

2: Move across the top of the square for four counts of holding your breath.

3: Exhale for four down the other side

4: Hold the breath whilst visualising travelling across the bottom of the square. Repeat the pattern

This helps us draw the air deep into our lungs, slowing down the heart rate and stimulating the vagal nerve –  the calming and focusing effects of this technique are noticeable within just a few minutes of practice.

Please enjoy these festive offers below!

Willy’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar:

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Retreat to the Hills

A stay at the beautiful log cabin in the Malverns – perfect for more calm breathing!

Save £50 on a 3 night stay at the Retreat Barn in January / February 2022 when you book direct with Tess – check out her yoga classes too!

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Artisan Cheese

10% off this wonderful artisan cheese on subscribing to their newsletter – well worth doing…

Svetlana’s cheese deli is in my home town near Edinburgh and a favourite place to visit!


The Gut Health Course 2022

Why not treat a friend to our next course starting in January and enjoy a 20% discount! Use Code CHRISTMAS20

The Great British Gut Health Box!

A wonderful immersive experience all in a box – including Hillfarm infused cold pressed oils from Suffolk, Willy’s raw apple cider vinegar from Herefordshire and fabulous Essex-grown grains from Hodmedods,  recipes from Lucy to use them all and a half hour video with me from my kitchen to kick start Gut Health for 2022. There’s also a signature chef recipe book!

Have a wonderful Christmas full of health and happiness!

Life thrives on real nutrients from real food. Balanced, sustainable food choices from healthy soils promote our long term health, and our microbes too! Please get in touch to find out how we can work together.

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