Canine Shine

From a shiny coat to fabulous Gut Health; a power pack of natural nutrients for your dog!

As a Registered Nutritionist passionate about natural, nutrient-packed foods for our best health, I’m privileged to be working with the team at The British Seabuckthorn Company.

My previous career as a Vet, began to teach me the power of nutrition for best health; my interest in small animal practice was always Dermatology – the treatment of skin disease. So, the Canine Shine project, just pure, natural seabuckthorn berries, a power-pack of nutrients for skin health, is an exciting journey!

 The Ancient Greeks named Seabuckthorn: ‘Hippophae’, which translates as ‘Shiny Horse’. We now know this is because it’s a rich source of many nutrients required in the every-day functioning of healthy skin.

The main oil within skin cells is an Omega 6 called GLA, which boosts blood circulation, hydrates and regulates inflammation within the skin. As well as being a source of this vital oil, Seabuckthorn is rich in Antioxidants and Vitamins A, B and E, all required to keep skin cells healthy, slowing the ‘ageing’ process.

  We’re also beginning to understand the crucial role of our gut health in our overall health and wellbeing, thanks to rapidly increasing research. This process is just as vital in animals, with fibre and antioxidant-rich foods nurturing their beneficial gut bacteria. For animals, not all so called ‘prebiotic’ foods are equal – fruit fibre, as well as beet pulp, oats and barley can be especially beneficial to dogs1. Seabuckthorn is a great source of fibre and we’re continuing to explore its influence on gut health.

 By helping to maintain the natural function of skin, sea buckthorn can help to reduce itchy ears and paw chewing as well as just producing a beautiful shiny coat. With feedback from dog owners on Canine Shine, so far being very positive not only for skin condition but general health and wellbeing too, why not treat our most loyal canine companions, & see for yourself, the benefits from nutrient-rich food in its most natural form? 


To find out more about British Seabuckthorn and its many health benefits, head to https://www.britishseabuckthorn.com/

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