What does ‘Plant-based’ really mean?

We now know from fabulus research that plant-based is the way ahead for our health and our planet. But here’s the crucial bit – it means a diet BASED around plants – 70% of our plate in fact. The other 30% will do wonders for your long term health if it’s sourced from sustainable Dairy, Meat, Fish and Eggs. These foods provide a rich source of ‘hidden’ nutrients which can easily become too low if we rely on plants alone. And (with my previous Vet hat on!) our British (animal) farming is more sustainable than we’re led to believe… Have a look here to find out more – Produce and Provide

You can also use this fabulous directory to find your local food producers to help reconnect your health to REAL, less processed food, or have a listen to my podcast with pasture-fed farmers Native Beef in the Chiltern Hills by clicking the image.


Your Best Health – Upcoming Events:

Join us for our NEW short courses!

Bread is one of the staple foods of mankind; for many ‘life’ used to mean ‘bread’. We’ll cover gluten, different grains, decoding supermarket labels and gut healthy homemade versions from soda bread to sourdough!

Monday 13th September 7.30pm or Tuesday 14th September 10am GMT.

LIVE via zoom and will last approx. an hour and a half including 45 mins discussion time.Tickets £10 for our Gut Project community, otherwise £15

Begin your Gut Health journey this autumn!

We’re so happy to be running our NEW Gut Health course again after fabulous feedback!

Mondays or Tuesdays from late September, just one hour each week…

LIVE via zoom and with limited places so we can be as helpful as possible! A fabulous chance to learn why Gut Health has such a profound impact on our health and how to nurture yours!  All delivered by me, the lovely Georgie, another masters-level nutritionist and Katy our chef (and farm shop owner).

We’ve included podcasts so you can listen while you walk, recipe demos which can be easily adapted according to your tastes, time & the season and, uniquely, we connect you with nature-positive British food producers delivering to your door! We also include a tool kit for managing stress from Dr Sally Bell, GP & lifestyle medicine practitioner, and Helen, our oh so calming yoga teacher!  Further info here

What else has been happening?

A year on since winning the CWT Freelance Nutritionist of the Year award, there’s been loads going on! The Gut Project is up and running – reconnecting our health with REAL food and farming, supporting our wonderful British farmers too. Keep following on instagram @lucywilliamsonnutrition for regular nutrition updates and for all things wellbeing – I’m constantly connecting with fabulous new (nature-friendly) food producers and health professionals recognising the true value of nature and calm in our lives.

August’s tasty treat:

Not-naughty Chocolate fridge cake!

My version uses gut healthy British oats to increase fibre, single origin fair trade cocoa & some chopped dates which, together with Doves Farm digestive biscuits to avoid palm oil, reduce sugar too. It’s still oh so yummy, in fact we think it tastes even better!  

Diagnostic image for Drayton Mot Centre

My Nutrition Consultancy provides tailored support for individuals & families, for British food producers and within education.

Life thrives on real nutrients from real food. Balanced, sustainable food choices from healthy soils promote our long term health – please get in touch to find out how we can work together.

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