Autumn Apple & Walnut Loaf



Ready in

60 min

Good for

breakfast with a little butter and a coffee! 


About this Recipe

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year, not least as we have a bounty of apples! If you’re lucky you can pick them off a tree – this recipe works with bramleys (cooking apples) just as well as eating apples – be sure to keep their skins on for extra fibre! 


200g Wholemeal flour

100g Plain White flour

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

Pinch salt

2 apples

200 ml Kefir or yogurt

2 tbsp chopped dates

1 tbsp honey

50g Walnuts, chopped

1 egg whisked

50g melted butter & 50 ml cold pressed rapeseed oil

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Combine the dry ingredients

Step 2

In a blender, whizz together, 1 chopped apple, the kefir (or yogurt), honey and the chopped dates, pour over the dry mix and stir until just combined

Step 3

Add the beaten egg, butter and the oil and fold in gently along with the chopped walnuts and the second apple, chopped finely.

Step 4

Empty the dough mix into a lined loaf tin and bake for 30 mins at 180 Fan, or until a skewer comes out clean and the loaf is golden!


You can also add in some dried fruit for extra texture or try with pears instead of apples. Don’t be tempted to over-cook or the loaf will be a bit dry.


This recipe has so much fibre thanks to the wholemeal flour and the fruit. It’s also very low in sugar so helps to really satisfy the appetite!

My favourite flours are Doves Farm, Shipton Mill or Hodmedods – all of these are traditional flours with very little goodness removed!

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